Francesco Taskayali (Rome, July 4 1991) is a young Italian-Turkish composer and pianist who started composing his own music at the age of thirteen. He recorded and released by himself 3 successful albums: Emre (2010), LeVent (2011) e Flying (2014), accompanied by long tours around Italy and all over the world. In 2016 he signed with the label INRI Classic, with whom he released two of his albums: Wayfaring (2017) and Homecoming (2019).

A Mediterranean soul and a cosmopolitan heart: these are two of the main features of the young promise of international pianism, who has already gathered support around the world, as his tours and his following on social networks demonstrate.

His talent, capable of blending the study of classical authors with modern and contemporary styles ranging from Keith Jarrett’s jazz to Ludovico Einaudi’s minimalism, is characterized by a surprising eclecticism. Despite his young age, Francesco Taskayali has a remarkable cultural and musical background which is the result of his origins and life, spent around the world, which gave him the possibility to perform and play in many important occasions. Among the stages stepped by the artist: London, Paris, Cologne, Caracas, Rome, Istanbul, Salonicco, Athens, Marseilles, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Bucharest, Jakarta, Berlin, Tbilisi, Kiev, Los Angeles and many others. His music is appreciated not only during live performances, but it was also used in the audiovisual world: the young composer wrote soundtracks for historical and current affairs documentaries and for advertisements with social communication purposes, which were broadcasted on national and international networks like RAI and France 3.

Francesco’s communicative and artistic skills are appreciated not only by the public of his live performances but also in the digital world. His songs were indeed included in some editorial playlists on Spotify, among which the most important were Peaceful Piano and The Most Beautiful Songs In The World.

The themes covered by Master Taskayali in his musical storytelling are many: in addition to a life of travels, sounds, personal and introspective experiences between West and Middle East, the Italian-Turkish composer turns his gaze also towards the outside and anything that hits his human and artistic sensibility. Among the most remarkable experiences, he was volunteer and pianist for the Red Cross on the quarantine boat for the Mediterranean migrants at the harbor of Palermo. Moreover,

with the EP “Piano Waves” (2020) he took part in the project “The Outlaw Ocean Music Project”, which was based on the world journalistic investigation conducted across 5 seas by the New York Times journalist and Pulitzer-Prize winner Ian Urbina.

His extraordinary capacity of experimentation of techniques and music composition styles together with his sensible inspiration are two main features that make Francesco’s artistic personality constantly growing.